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The wellknown international Catholic magazine "Communio" has had an online platform with its own current articles since 7 January. Now that "Communio" is published by Herder, the magazine will gain an even greater reach with the online supplement. Prof Jan Heiner Tück, editor-in-chief, and former RIGG member Dr Benjamin Leven (photo), who left the editorial team of Herderkorrespondenz in the summer, are responsible for the online edition.

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In 2024, there will be two exhibitions worth seeing with objects from the archives of St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg:

The Verbrüderungsbuch of St Peter (8th-9th century) will be on display from August 2024 in the Bavarian State Exhibition in the Freising Diocesan Museum "Tassilo, Korbinian and the Bear - Bavaria in the Early Middle Ages".

The Registrum Ottonis of the convent (around 1400) will be part of an exhibition on medieval women's convents at Klosterneuburg Abbey from April 2024

The small town of Albano on Lago di Albano, less than an hour's drive from Rome, is unfortunately rarely visited by tourists, although there was a very important Roman camp there, the remains of which can still be seen. Emperor Constantine also built a basilica there, which is remarkable in itself. Finally, Albano is one of the seven suburbicarian bishoprics of Rome.

There are four things to report from a trip to Albano during Advent:

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One of the few shops in Germany that sells ecclesiastical workwear is the clothing shop formerly known as "Polykarp Reuss" in Cologne, where I bought my first collared shirts. They were of such high quality that I can still wear them today after 30 years. The shop is now called "Paramente Schmitt" and also sells books. Thankfully, not only the online list, but also the shop window has my book "Altar and Church".  

A documentary of EWTN about the Irish priest Hugh O'Flaherty was broadcast on Irish television RTE ONE in "Nationwide" on 22 November. O'Flaherty lived at the German college at Campo Santo Teutonico from 1938 to 1947 and saved over 6000 people, mainly Jews, from the Nazis. The programme was made by Colm Flynn and was also filmed at Campo Santo Teutonico.

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