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Since her dissertation (Marburg 1982) on the tomb paintings of Tarquinia, supervised by Professor Bernard Andreae, the classical archaeologist Prof. Dr. Cornelia Weber-Lehmann has devoted herself to researching Etruscan art and its documentation and reception. The photo shows her on a sunny spring day preparing a 3D image of the famous Tomba dell'Orco in Tarquinia (4th century BC).

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Mons. Dr. Federico Gallo is Ordinary Doctor of the Ambrosian Library and Ordinary Canon of Milan Cathedral. He holds a degree in Classical Literature (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), a degree in Palaeography and Archivism and a degree in Greek Palaeography (Vatican Secret Archives). He is a Doctor of Letters (PhD) (Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Budapest).

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The General Assembly in Aachen went very well overall, both in terms of content and organisation. Since the founding of the Görres Society in 1876, the General Assembly has not only been a kind of trans-disciplinary congress at which lectures are held in the science sections, but has also always been associated with an accumulation of meetings of the various bodies - above all the Board of Directors, Section Heads and the Finance Committee.

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The Klerusblatt - Journal of the Catholic Clergy in Bavaria and the Palatinate (published by the Klerusverband e.V., editor Dr. Gerhard Deißenböck), brings in No. 8-9 of 15 August 2022 an article by Stefan Heid on the Roman Institute of the Görres Society - Society with New Perspectives.

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Nikolas Möller (* 1979) majored in Classical Archaeology and minored in Ancient History and Near Eastern Archaeology in Freiburg i. Br. A semester abroad took him to Naples. He is currently doing his doctorate in Provincial Roman Archaeology at the LMU Munich with a thesis on Kraiburg a. Inn (Noricum) in Roman times.

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Chief editor Guido Horst has published in "Die Tagespost" a snappy and encouraging article on the Roman Institute of the Görres Society on the occasion of its eleven-year activity report. Horst, who lived in Rome for a long time and who meanwhile visits the Eternal City again for important events, is more familiar with the Campo Santo and its complex but lively realities grouped around the German cemetery than almost anyone else. In the meantime, there is also a supporting membership of the Roman Institute for all those who are not privileged to live in Italy but have a heart for Rome and the historical Eldorado (see our "Hall of Fame").

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Daniel Zucker first studied philosophy here in Rome at the Dominican University (Angelicum) and then dedicated himself to the study of theology at the Faculty of Theology of the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck. He is currently doing the novitiate for the Central Italian Province of the Dominicans in Naples and will begin his licentiate in Ecumenical Theology at the Angelicum the following year.

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The RIGG program for the next academic year 2022/23 is ready for you. It includes lectures on the Popes' wanderlust (lecture in Italian), Venetian church music, Monsignor Paul Maria Baumgarten, the novel "Il Gattopardo", Passau, Mosebach's Rome and the persecuted Christians in Egypt. Of course, the year will again conclude with the summer festival "The last speaker". We look forward to your participation. You are also welcome to advertise in your circle of friends. Probably the lectures will also be transmitted via zoom.

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For two years now, Dr Ignacio García has been in charge of the RIGG Instagram account, which has been very popular. The account is characterised by its very own profile, independent of the RIGG website. Every two days, it features new topics that appeal to many friends of Rome. García combines interesting historical observations with the pictures, especially about Roman places, monuments and events. The account should soon have 500 followers: follow it too!

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