Membership of the Görres Society

The „Görres-Gesellschaft zur Pflege der Wissenschaft im katholischen Deutschland“ was founded by Catholic researchers and publicists in Koblenz on 25 January 1876 "on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Joseph Görres and as a memorial in his honour". It was founded in the climate of the Prussian Kulturkampf as a independent organisation of Catholic academics who were discriminated against by the state, but today it is also open to non-Catholic Christians. In the meantime, it can look back on a large number of important scholars among its members.

It currently has about 2,800 members from philosophical, philological, archaeological, art-historical, political, legal and social science disciplines. It serves as an association of all academically interested people, young academics, established as well as freelance scholars, whose thinking and research recognise the importance of Christian tradition and ecclesiastical reality. The tasks set for science are to be fulfilled here in accordance with modern requirements on Christian ground.

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Membership of the Roman Institute

Members of the Görres Society living in Italy are listed as members of the RIGG. Anyone who joins the RIGG automatically becomes a member of the Society as a whole. As soon as a member of the RIGG no longer lives in Italy, he or she loses his or her membership in the RIGG, but remains a member of the Görres Society. Since many academics only stay in Rome for a few years, there is a large fluctuation. Currently, the RIGG has about 150 members, representing over 5% of the total society.

The benefits:

  • When applying for a job, it is very helpful to mention membership.

  • Networking with other people interested in and committed to the humanities in German and Italian

  • Monthly lectures at the Campo Santo Teutonico as a regular meeting place with friends

  • Free participation in the conferences of the Institute

  • Regular information via the newsletter

  • Access to the library of the Campo Santo Teutonico

  • Scanning service for our journals etc.

  • Access to scholarship funds for smaller research projects

  • Letters of recommendation for archives and libraries in Rome

  • Publication opportunities (e.g. Roman Quarterly with honorarium for young scholars)

  • Special price for private subscription to the Römische Quartalschrift (131,- instead of 171,- Euro)

  • Special price for other publications of the Institute

  • Special offers for members (e.g. trial subscription to the Römische Quartalschrift, participation in exclusive excursions)

  • Closing of the academic year in June with a summer party (at S. Giovanni a Porta Latina or special event)

Membership of the Roman Institute - useful informations

  1. The membership fee (annual fee) for natural and legal persons is 30,00 €.

  2. For pupils and students as well as for persons who are still in a preparatory service, among others assistants, the membership fee is 12,00 € until they enter a full employment relationship.

  3. Members of religious orders who are not in paid employment at a state or ecclesiastical university are exempt from membership fees.

  4. Contributions and donations are to be paid into the account of the Görres Society at the Kreissparkasse Köln:

    IBAN DE07 3705 0299 0000 3729 61 --- BIC: COKS DE 33

If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a personal interview.

Membership of the Görres Society or the RIGG serves to promote academic exchange and individual networking. Members receive special support. On request, the RIGG offers financial assistance, assistantships, publications (Römische Quartalschrift) and much more.

Another attractive offer is the annual General Assembly at the end of September, usually in a German university town. Every year a wide range of cultural events and lectures are offered; active members can act as speakers themselves. The RIGG is also always represented here, as the General Assembly is an excellent platform for exchange and a good contact exchange that every member should definitely take advantage of. Those who attend regularly make new friends.

Become a supporting member of the Roman Institute

Those who live outside Italy but would still like to belong to the Roman Institute of the Görres Society can become a sustaining member with a donation of at least 500 euros without having to make a permanent commitment. Every sustaining member is inducted into the "Hall of Fame".

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