The Director is supported in his tasks by the Directorate, which fulfils the function of a scientific advisory board. Its members are appointed by the Board of the Görres Society for an indefinite period (Statutes § 7). "The task of the Board of Directors is to promote the scientific work of the Institute. Its members meet in ordinary session annually within the framework of the General Assembly of the Görres Society" (§ 8).

The current members of the Board of Directors are:

goerres presidentProf. Dr. Bernd Engler
President of the Görres Society

President of the Directory Board

Member of the scientific advisory board of the Roman Quarterly



Dr. Martin Barth
General Secretary of the Görres Society

born member of the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society




  Konrad Bestle

  Rector of the Pontifical College at the Campo Santo Teutonico

  Co-editor of the Römischen Quartalschrift





PorträtphotoProf. Dr. Johannes Grohe
Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the Pontificia Università della Santa CroceUniversità della Santa Croce in Rome
Member of the Board of the  Foundation for the Promoting of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society





Porträtphoto  HummelProf. Dr. Karl-Joseph Hummel 
Honorary professor for Ecclesiastical History at the University of Erfurt






PorträtphotoProf. Dr. Michael Matheus 
Professor of Medieval and modern History and Comparative Regional History at the University of Mainz





PorträtphotoProf. Dr. Arnd Uhle 
Professor of Public Law at the University Leipzig.