Stefan Rebenich writes about the ancient historian Klaus Martin Girardet from Saarbrücken: like every ancient historian of his generation, he was "lastingly influenced by the equally stringent and differentiated reconstruction of Constantine the Great's religious policy, which he presented in numerous publications. His combination of philological precision and historical interpretation was - and still is - trend-setting" (p. 169 note 1). Now a Festschrift "Ecclesia victrix" has appeared in honour of Girardet, edited by Karen Aydin, Christine van Hoof and Lukas Mathieu.

The volume contains, among other things, Girardet's complete list of publications (pp. 205-221) and a contribution by Wolfgang Müller on "Impressions of the work of Klaus Martin Girardet in the mirror of the press" (pp. 187-204), which beautifully highlights Girardet as a researcher and teacher. Girardet has researched Emperor Constantine's early and comprehensive turn to Christianity with meticulousness and flair like no other ancient historian.

The Römische Quartalschrift is fortunate to have published two essays by Girardet:

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