The next issue of the Römische Quartalschrift, which will appear in May (116,3-4, 2021) will contain the following essays and reviews:

  • Horst Schneider: Mischwesen im Physiologus. The Echidna Chapter in the Greek Versions of the Physiologus
  • András Handl: Do the ends justify all means? The Legitimation of Violence in Gregory of Tours
  • Petr Kubín: Monasteries instead of Crusades. The visits to Rome of the Bohemian Premonstratensian Hroznata (+ 1217)
  • Filip Malesevic: Florentine Painters in the Service of Curial Scholarship. The Ghirlandaio Workshop in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana of Sixtus IV.
  • Stefan Heid: German without Borders. The National Question in the Priests' College at Campo Santo Teutonico up to the First World War
  • Hartmut Benz: Prelate Rudolf of Gerlach. Weighed - and found to be too light (Part 1)


  • Felix Rohr: Ch. Gnilka, Prudentius (2017)
  • Maik Schmerbauch: Papal charters in Lower Saxony and Bremen until 1198 (2019)
  • Ignacio García: M. Mütel, With the Church Fathers against Martin Luther? (2017)
  • Róbert Oláh: "Negozio del S.r Card. Pasman" (2019)

The printed issue, as well as the e-edition and each individual contribution, can be purchased from Verlag Herder.

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