Clemens Brodkorb / Dominik Burkard (ed.) | 2021

Zum 10. Todestag von Erwin Gatz (1933-2011)

8 May 2021 marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Prelate Prof. Dr Erwin Gatz (1933-2011). As Rector of the Campo Santo Teutonico for many years and Director of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society, he created a publishing oeuvre of great scholarly value and sustainability.

An attempt to update the research questions of an important church historian ten years after his death.

On the occasion of the anniversary of his death, a scientific conference was planned for May 2021 in the Collegio Teutonico in Rome, which was to take up and continue thinking about one of his central research concerns under the title "New Aspects of a History of Church Life". The intention was to deal with topics that had only been touched on at the time or were not yet on the agenda of church history research at all, for example because the corresponding research problems had not yet arisen or not to the same extent as today.

The volume contains contributions by Clemens Brodkorb, Joachim Bürkle, Josef Pivousek, Gisela Fleckenstein, Rainald Becker, Hans-Georg Aschoff, Franz Xaver Bischof, Michaela Sohn-Kronthaler, Benedikt Kranemann, Bernhard Schneider, Dominik Burkard and Matthias Kopp, as well as greetings by Hans-Peter Fischer, Stefan Heid, Korbinian Birnbacher and Bertram Meier.

Verlag Schnell & Steiner, Regensburg, 1. Auflage 2021


384 pages

ISBN: 978-3-7954-3659-9