Alessandro Vella is Assistant to the Department of Christian Antiquities at the Vatican Museums. Initially specialised in Classical Archaeology, with a focus on Topography and Analysis of Ancient Monuments, he later went on to study Christian Archaeology, obtaining a Doctorate in Archaeology and Postclassical Antiquities (Sapienza) and a Doctorate in Christian Archaeology (PIAC).

His main field of research concerns the topographical field, with particular reference to Christian cemetery contexts and the theme of funerary churches, which he has been able to learn more about during various excavation campaigns at the ambulatory basilica of Pope Mark on the Via Ardeatina and, most recently, at the Basilica of S. Paul outside the walls. In Rome, he has focused his studies on the suburban area of the Via Ostiense and on the topographical and monumental analysis of the cemetery complex of S. Tecla.

He is also involved in research projects on the processes of Christianisation in urban and rural contexts in the Lazio region. On several occasions, he has been interested in the phenomenon of the cult of saints and relics, with a broad geographical perspective and special attention to the archaeological aspects and the related topographical and monumental effects. For several years, he has also been conducting systematic research into the archival and antiquarian documentation relating to the collection of the Pio Cristiano Museum, aimed at reconstructing the original contexts of origin of ancient Christian burial monuments.