Il libro "Altar and Church. Principles of Liturgy from Early Christianity" (Stefan Heid, 2023), pubblicato dalla Catholic University of America di Washington, è tra le 20 novità più vendute. L'editore ha raggiunto un fatturato di 1,6 milioni di dollari.

Mr. John Martino, l'editore esecutore di CUA Press, scrive:

"I'm writing to ask you to share our rejoicing as CUA Press has (once again) recorded its highest book revenue on record, just over $1.6 million. This is not to say that the Press "makes money" on books--as expenses also continue to rise--but we know that whatever money we are "losing" is not really lost, but well-spent, employing our crew and making beautiful, insightful books like the ones that you have worked on. Higher sales we hope mean more readers and the glorification of God through excellent scholarship.

If you're receiving this email, it's because your book appears in one of the final top 20 sales lists for the fiscal year past--whether top 20 overall, top 20 new books, or top 20 older books. We thank you very much for your collaboration, and hope you've had a good experience working with us".

CUA Press